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  1. 3. Forgot to answer your answer regarding statistics I did not touch the statistics of the forum that displays the posts of the message and I showed what is below. (The figure shows). Forum groups: Make it separate from the Kto jest online plugin. (As in the picture) About the rest can be seen in the figure as done. I am not saying to change your design which is so good, but add some elements that will make it even better)
  2. 1. Point : GameTracker is a slightly different thing that does not apply to your monitoring itself. I suggested that your monitoring showed the map (as an image) in addition to the text. Also includes statistics from the monitoring itself. (Shown in the figure above) 2. Point : So that you show it a little different, it shows messages native to the forum and I suggest adding more Subjects there. (Shown in the figure above) 6. Point : What you showed me in the pictures is called the Profile inside where the settings are and what I suggested is the Profile inside the theme (shown in the picture above). 8. Point : I do not have a spoiler in the editor )
  3. 6. PostContainer I propose to add a new profile view in the themes as well as add points: Wiek: Ilość postów: Reputacja: Wygrane dni: Urządzenie: Ostatnio był / a: An example is shown in the figure. 7. Trofea i Medale I propose to add awards on the forum to diversify it. The example is shown above in the figure. 8. Add a spoiler to the themes.
  4. 1. Server Monitoring In the new version of monitoring 3.3.0 there is such statistics with the general progress of the server bar, I suggest adding it to this forum. In monitoring servers, there is such a function, Maps, which shows maps and here I suggest adding images of maps that will display from the server on top of the text, because there is a lot of free space between maps and links in monitoring. An example is shown in the picture. Add TeamSpaek 3 Icon in monitoring. 2. Topics and posts I propose to add topics to the display on the main page, where it displays forum messages in sections. An example is shown in the picture. 3. Forum Statistics I suggest a little refinish your statistics of the forum below, as shown in the example figure. 4. Footer On your forum there is no beautiful footer for this I propose to add it here. Showed on the example of the figure. 5. Font in the editor I propose to add a font on the forum in the topics. My ideas are simple and just decorate your forum even more. Some pictures are taken from other forums so that I show the essence of the ideas in my topic. This is not an advertisement.